Every girl/woman has the right to peacefully and respectfully exist in the society.

Our vision and mission is to educate young minds

Our team goes to schools and sets up games. We have various games under this project. Playing games with a message will be etched in the mind forever. When there is a chance to act on something, games ensure that there are more chances of acting positively like a good citizen. 

Mission and Purpose

 ‘Abhinna’, essentially meaning integrated or united, is an initiative taken by the Aurangabad Rural  District Police in Maharashtra, to march towards a better and safer society. Crimes against women and girls vary from domestic violence to eve teasing in public places or from dowry deaths to sexual harassment at workplaces. This is our effort to bring about a positive change in the mindsets of your adolescent girls and boys, to bring about equality in the mind and in our treatment towards each other. More importantly, our effort is to reduce the crimes that are being committed against women because they are women. 

Change of Mindset is crucial

All forms of violence against women arise out of a perceived lower standard that is given to women and girls in the society. Through Abhinna, we are trying to change the mindset that causes horrific acts. The mindset that says women are inferior, should be erased. We are trying to teach young minds to rethink and reevaluate these notions with their loved ones and understand why such thoughts are born in the first place. 

Our Target Group

Our target group is children who understand the essence of what is being told. We converse with students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard and beyond. 

Akshara NGO

We would like to thank Akshara, an NGO based in Mumbai, that has tremendously helped us build this project. Akshara has helped the team understand about gender equality and also how to converse with young girls and boys.

Our Team’s Training

Our team has been trained on gender sensitization, that we are equal and how to go forward with the initiative.

Going Forward

All of us need to read more about gender bias issues which will ultimately make us think and act on it. For instance, if we see a girl being teased, we must realise that her confidence can get marred for life. Wrong thought direction and criminal thoughts should be erased. Only then can we all coexist peacefully in our society.

Men and women are built differently. Our bodies are different; but all of us are human beings at the end of the day. We all have equal rights given to us by our own Indian Constitution. We all have the right to vote, the right to equality, the right to equal treatment, the right to equal wages, so on and so forth. We all know this and we can write about it. But when it comes to practicing, to translate these thoughts to actions and behaviour, we sometimes tend to forget these things. But the minds of young girls and boys are different. They will not only listen but also act on these issues.