Marching Towards a Safer and Better Society

We all have equal rights.

Educating the youth about gender equality is the first step in this direction.

Gender equality is a value worth inculcating in young minds, to develop them into promising citizens of India to ensure sustainable and inclusive development. It is important to help children realise the roots of sexual violence, domestic violence and crimes against women.

A sustainable way to prevent crimes against women is to bring about behavioral changes in young minds by encouraging them to think about the differences in treatment towards men and women in the society and how that impacts the availability of opportunities for development to each one of them.

Young girls and boys do not have the courage to complain about sexual abuse and other forms of harassment. Acknowledging and understanding repercussions of gender inequality right from home to workplace, and also relationships, will go a long way in preventing crimes against women.


Educating Young Boys and Girls on Gender Equality

Having Discussions

Domestic violence against children, women and senior citizens is a real issue. Consequently, talking about the attitudes that result in violent acts is very important. Abhinna is such an effort, to bring about discussions between peers, teachers and parents.


Sensitizing People

 The main goal of our initiative is to sensitize everyone on the differences we have. But at the end of the day, we all have equal rights to respectfully hold our heads high and conduct our education, job and daily activities without any fear.


Building New Thoughts

Gender equality is a very pertinent issue in today’s world. Many issues arise out of it. Through Abhinna, we are trying to make you think; we are trying to reach out to you in a way that you understand that we all are the same. We all have the same capabilities.